Our Machines

All three of our machines can cut material up to 3000x1500mm; the materials they can cut vary considerably, but the process is the same. We take customers drawings or AutoCAD files, import them in to our software and then the 2D profiles are cut out of the plate or sheet material, using fully automated CNC machine operation.


Our two Prima’s offer high performance cutting at 4000 watts, using advanced piercing and cutting monitoring systems. These machines offer excellent cutting edge quality and high accuracy even on thick materials such as:

Material Maximum Thickness
Mild Steel 25mm
Stainless 16mm
Aluminium 6mm

The Prima’s can also cut galvanised and zinc plated sheets, and many types of alloys. We utilise advanced SiCAM software to intuitively and efficiently nest all items, reducing material wastage.

1 x PRC LASER STS 3500

The PRC has been with us since the beginning in 2001. Although it is not as powerful or sophisticated as our newer Prima’s, it makes up for it with its flexibility and its time-tested reliability. The PRC’s main advantage is that its plate sensor operates on non-metallic materials.

The PRC can cut a very wide range of materials, such as:

Material Maximum Thickness
Timber/MDF 40mm
Plastics 16mm
Mild Steel 6mm

It‘s also highly suited to specialized jobs requiring a jig or setup. It can also cut materials as diverse as rubber, Kevlar, melamine, Bakelite, plywood and countless others.

Special Cases

In some cases, we can cut pre-fabricated or pre-cut material, but there are specific limits.

1). The maximum height of the head is 75mm from the bed, anything taller cannot be cut.

2). We can only cut straight down.

3). When cutting RHS or tubes, we cannot cut near the corners, because the material removed has nowhere to exit, making an awful mess.

4). Getting fine tolerances may not be possible without making a jig to align and hold the parts.

There may be significant setup costs involved to build a jig (if required), but for a large enough production run, it is still quite cost effective.

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