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At Action Laser, we specialise in Laser cutting exclusively. It’s all we do.

We have strong ties with our client base, many of whom are fabricators and machinists, and we can direct our customers to the right people to have other types of work completed, such as bending, welding or surface treatment.

Company history

When Action Laser opened for business in 2001, we were originally housed on Beechboro Road in Bayswater. The business quickly outgrew this location and we purchased our first Prima at the end of 2003. After installing it in our new premises at Katanning Street, we moved the rest of the operation including the original PRC machine, in February 2004.

After just over a year at our new premises, we installed a second Prima machine in April 2005. This practically doubled our capacity to cut work, and afforded us an even more reliable operation; i.e. if one machine is down for maintenance, the other two can pick up more of the urgent workload.

We expanded our rack/storage in 2006 to better cater for a much larger stockholding and larger sheets of material. Additionally we constructed sturdier steel palettes to increase the amount of thin sheets we could keep in stock. This decreased our lead times where material unavailability was causing delays.

Also in 2006, we initiated a fully computerised job tracking system, including electronic job scheduling, and job-sheet barcode scanning, so that all jobs can be tracked at any given stage of completion. This has resulted in more accurate lead-time calculation, and allowed us to review and improve the overall efficiency of the factory more accurately.

Our operation has been constantly expanding since it began; our staff has grown to nearly 20, and our machines still hardly get a breather.

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    We guarantee our clients 24 hour quotation turn-around, and with CNC processing, parts can be created from your drawings or computer files with no tooling costs involved and giving greater freedom to design engineers.

    So please do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll get back to you very shortly.

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